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Caswell Sculpture Garden


A unique blend of nature on three acres with sculptures both in stone and bronze, Caswell Sculpture Garden offers a wonderful setting for events, entertaining and a venue for spring, summer and fall weddings. Maximum capacity is 200 guests.



In addition to the beautiful grounds, Caswell Sculpture Garden offers: 

  • 10 hours plus 1 hour rehearsal during the week
  • Two staff members on site (one for a half shift, one for full)
  • 200 white chairs, 21 8'x4' tables, ten 6’ tables, one 4' round cake table
  • One 40'x70' tent with sides and fans
  • Bring any caterer or vendors you choose
  • Bride's changing room with air conditioning
  • Groom's changing room with air conditioning
  • See full list below



 Caswell Sculpture Garden is located on the Historic Columbia River Highway, just a short walk from Historic Downtown Troutdale and its many restaurants, shops and galleries. Also within walking distance are multiple parks, museums and the beautiful Sandy River. The Historic Columbia River Highway, a 75-mile-long scenic highway built through the  Columbia River Gorge between 1913 and 1922 was the first planned scenic roadway in the United States. It has been recognized in numerous ways, including a listing on the National Register of Historic Places as a National Historic Landmark, and considered a "destination unto itself." 

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The rustic barn with separate bride and groom's quarters.

The beautiful grounds, sculptures, pond and moon gate.


As seen on Portlandia

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In addition to the beautiful grounds, Caswell Sculpture Garden offers: 

• 10 hours plus 1 hour rehearsal during the week

• Two staff members on site (one for a half shift, one for full)

• 200 white chairs, 21 8'x4' tables, ten 6’ tables, one 4' round cake table

• One 40'x70' tent  with sides, fans, dance floor and stone stage

• Large deck with bar, outdoor sink, mini fridge and 50 lb ice machine

• Bring any caterer or vendors you choose

• Bride's changing room with air conditioning

• Groom's changing room with air conditioning

• Wedding ceremony site with rock arch in front of pond

• Free parking and restrooms on site and across the street at the Caswell Arts Center

• Outdoor ashtray

• WiFi

• Lapel microphone with sound system for ceremony

• Color party LED lights for dance floor and tent

Our staff will provide:

• Meeting coordination prior to the wedding

• One hour rehearsal on the Thursday before the wedding 

• Set up all tables and chairs

• Coordinate bridal party down the isle

• Make sure toiletries are stocked

• Supply trash bags and garbage cans

• Show vendors where to set up

• Open and lock up venue

• Assist with various things that may come up on a case by case basis.

Our staff is NOT responsible for:

• Serving or setting-up your food, beverage or cake

• Playing music or slideshows 

• Making announcements over sound systems (we do ask guests to take their seats before ceremony)

• Create or execute all day timelines  (we do appreciate a copy if you create one)

• Wait or clear dining tables

• Steam clothing or other fabric

What you are responsible for

• Taking all of your belongings with you after your event

• Leaving the Brides room and Grooms room clean

• Throwing away all trash and garbage (in receptacles provided)

• Making sure bar and food areas are clean

Contract and floor plans

Caswell Sculpture Garden Contact (pdf)


CSG Amenities (pdf)


CSG Floor Plan (pdf)


Local Vendor List

Hair and Makeup

Lash & Lox

Rene Gamet

(509) 823-8807


Beauty Studio 102

Karen Johnson

(503) 888-3627


Ristorante Di Pompello

 (503) 667-2480 

Tim's BBQ & Roasting Catering

(503) 740-1945

Premiere Catering

(503) 235-0274



Great Beginnings DJ Service

Brandon Tjaden

(503) 998-8768



DJ Jimmy Drorsey 

(503) 407-5130 

 Crystal Lariza 

 (503) 327-9759

Gift Ideas

 Ali Peret Designs

Custom Wedding Rings

 (503) 667-0450 

Troutdale Art Center

 Handcrafted Art
​(503) 386-7006

Photography and Videography

Martini Photography

(503) 515-5996

Birman Visuals

(541) 288-8185

More Vendors

Floral Sunshine 

Annie Chen 

(503) 974-4740 

Royal Restrooms

(503) 277-0074


Troutdale cottage, townhomes, hotels, and Hawaii honeymoon stays

 We are happy to provide lodging for you and your guests close to the venue.

Click here for more information on availability and reservations

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you allow children?

A. Caswell Sculpture Garden has many beautiful attractions that can be dangerous to little ones. Because of

this, we ask that you supervise all children under the age of 13.  

Q. Can we roast marshmallows over the fire pit?

A. No, we do not allow you to roast marshmallows over the gas fire pit. The fire pit is

designed to sit around and hang out, not to cook on.

Q. Since Caswell Sculpture Garden is an open air site, can we arrive early to set-up?

A. Even though the site is not locked, we ask that you arrive at the agreed upon contractual

time. Our on-site staff needs the time before your arrival to perform certain duties. If you arrive

earlier than we are expecting you, we will not be able to complete our jobs correctly.

Q. Where do I tell my guests to park?

A. There are 3 different parking areas for your bridal party and guests (see diagram on

below). Parking in the main lot at Caswell Sculpture Garden is limited to guests with

handicap permits and for vendor/group load in (we ask then when you are done loading items in

that you please move your car). Bronze Pond parking is for the bride/groom and bridal party, if

there are open spots, guests may park there as well. Across the street at the Art Center is

where the majority of your guests will park. Tell them to follow the signs that say “Caswell

Sculpture Garden Event Parking”. Please respect and obey any no parking signs on the

street and in the Caswell Sculpture Garden parking lot.

Q. I need electricity to power ________, do you have it?

A. Yes, we do have electricity available for your DJ and a limited amount available for other

needs. We do not have the capacity to power crock pots. All food must be kept warm with

chaffing dishes and sterno cans. If you need power for something, you are responsible for

bringing your own extension cords.

Q. Do you have a speaker system?

A. We only have a small portable speaker for ceremony (that comes with a lapel mic). This

speaker is NOT big enough to play music at your reception. We recommend that you hire a DJ

or rent a speaker and microphone for reception.

Q. Are there a lot of bugs when the sun goes down?

A. We are next to a pond, so yes, some bugs are to be expected. We do try to control it the

best we can with regular maintenance from a pest control company. The animals on-site help

as well, as the ducks, frogs, fish and birds all like to eat insects.

Q. Do we need to be done by a certain time?

A. Due to where the venue is located, we cannot have events go later than 11pm. This means

that clean-up will start at 10pm and out of the venue by 11pm. Music must stop no later than

10pm and we ask that you make every effort to be quiet during your clean-up time.

Q. Do I need to bring my own ice?

A. We do have a 50 lb ice machine on site. We recommend that if you have a lot of items to put

on ice to keep cold that you bring in some bags of ice to supplement what we have available. It

works best to put your items on ice as soon as you arrive to give the machine time to regenerate


Q) When can my rental company drop off or pick-up my order?

A) Rental companies need to drop off and pick up the same day as event during your contracted

hours for the event. Special circumstances sometimes allow us to be flexible. Please call us to

see if we can help arrange a special request.

Q. What items are we allowed to use or not use for send-off?

A. Popular choices for send off include: bubbles, glow sticks, LED light wands, flower petals

(real only), bells and ribbon. We do NOT allow confetti, birdseed, rice, sparklers, glitter or fake

flower petals (outside). If you have something in mind for send off, and don't see it on this list,

please feel free to ask!


Caswell Sculpture Garden

There are 9 parking spots located at the venue entrance. There is additional parking on Jackson Park Road.

Bronze Pond

There are 13 parking spots located in front of the Bronze Pond.

Caswell Art Gallery

There are 61 parking spots available across the street at the Caswell Art Gallery. Our staff will place event parking signs on the street to direct guests to this overflow parking area.

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Caswell Sculpture Garden

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